Witness protection - national procedures for ICC proceedings

Commonwealth of Australia

Australia - ICC Act 2002 (2016)

Part 4—Other requests by ICC

Division 13—Protecting victims and witnesses and preserving evidence

80 Protecting victims and witnesses and preserving evidence

(1) This section applies if:

(a) the ICC requests assistance in protecting victims or witnesses or preserving evidence; and
(b) the Attorney General is satisfied that:
(i) the request relates to an investigation being conducted by the Prosecutor or a proceeding before the ICC; and
(ii) the assistance sought is not prohibited by Australian law.

(2) The Attorney General is to execute the request by authorising, in writing, the provision of the assistance.

(3) If the Attorney General authorises the provision of the assistance, an appropriate authority is to:

(a) give effect to the request; and
(b) prepare such report on his or her efforts as he or she considers to be appropriate in the circumstances; and
(c) send the report to the Attorney General.

Rome Statute

Article 93 Other forms of cooperation

1. States Parties shall, in accordance with the provisions of this Part and under procedures of national law, comply with requests by the Court to provide the following assistance in relation to investigations or prosecutions:

(j) The protection of victims and witnesses and the preservation of evidence;