Language of requests for cooperation

Commonwealth of Australia

Australia - ICC Act 2002 (2016)

An Act to facilitate compliance by Australia with obligations under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, and for related purposes

Part 2—General provisions relating to requests by the ICC for cooperation

14 Response to be sent to ICC

(1) The Attorney-General must notify the ICC, without undue delay, of his or her response to a request for cooperation and of the outcome of any action that has been taken in relation to the request.

(2) If the Attorney-General decides, in accordance with the Statute and this Act, to refuse or postpone the assistance requested, wholly or partly, the notice to the ICC must set out the reasons for the decision.

(3) If the request for cooperation cannot be executed for any other reason, the notice to the ICC must set out the reasons for the inability or failure to execute the request.

(4) In the case of an urgent request for cooperation, any documents or evidence produced in response must, if the ICC requests, be sent urgently to it.

(5) Documents or evidence provided or produced in response to a request for cooperation must be sent to the ICC in the original language and form.

Rome Statute

Article 87 Requests for cooperation: general provisions

2. Requests for cooperation and any documents supporting the request shall either be in or be accompanied by a translation into an official language of the requested State or one of the working languages of the Court, in accordance with the choice made by that State upon ratification, acceptance, approval or accession. Subsequent changes to this choice shall be made in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.